6 simple ways to improve your content

//6 simple ways to improve your content

6 simple ways to improve your content

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Content To Make It More Consumable and Engaging


Let’s talk about content for a minute.

We’ve already talked about the different stages of content in the marketing funnel.

The TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content types.

Now, it’s time to talk about something more specific…


Specifically, how to make it more engaging to your audience.

Because your content doesn’t just need to be good……

… it needs to be consumable.

It needs to pull people through the content so they can get value and find the CTA’s (Call to Action) to your other products and services.

We are going to cover 6 simple ways you can not only improve your content, but make it more engaging and consumable.

  1. Focus on Intros: This part couldn’t be more important in order to get someone to consume the content.


Look at the very first sentence of your content and change it so it does a couple of things:


  • It’s short and punchy- “I know your type….”
  • It’s curiosity inducing- “You’re just like me. You want to create great content- but you don’t have all day to do it.”
  1. Write Better Headlines: Review your headlines. Do your headlines speak to the desired end result of your prospect? Do they immediately know what your content is about? Are you using curiosity in your headline to get them to read further in?headline rules for content
  2. Open Loops- Throughout your content you need to leave your readers with a big question or cliffhanger. Think of daytime drama. Human beings crave closure. Leaving an open loop leaves them wanting to find the answer.


Open and close loops throughout the content because it keeps your readers searching for the closure.


  1. Hide an Easter Egg- This could be like age specific jargon that only certain readers would understand because they are of the same time period. It becomes like one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.hide and easter egg in your content


Doing this endears you to your audience. It makes them feel like one of the ‘in crowd’.


  1. Break up the text- You need more white space and more breakups in the text.


Don’t build big blocks of text


Break it up with images or something to give the eyes a break.


Use bullets




  1. Focus on the close- What can you do to get your content a standing O? Every article has to have a close to tie it up at the end. The finish that you give it can really add a lot to the piece. Can you make it awe-inspiring or funny? Can you close a loop?

Writing great content doesn’t have to be hard or labor intensive. It just needs to be well thought out. How many ways can you use these 6 elements within your content to keep readers engaged and wanting more?


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