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Conscious Mentor was founded in 2013 (originally branded as Shukla Media) by Kimberly Shukla and her partner, Ryan Williams. Fueled by Kimberly’s 20 years of experience in online digital marketing, and their combined passion for health and fitness,  Conscious Mentor creates and publishes digital marketing training for the health and fitness industry.

Kimberly Shukla has been working in digital marketing for over two decades, and is joined by her partner, Ryan Williams, now retired from the U.S. Military. Together they are the owners and operators of several online businesses in the health and fitness, holistic health, and digital marketing industries, and they use the insights they’ve gained from these businesses to produce their trainings.

Conscious Mentor Vision

We are on a mission to connect 1 million fitness studio, yoga studio, and natural health entrepreneurs worldwide with true success by having them create a business that expresses their infinite purpose and potential, so they can experience the freedom and fulfillment they desire while helping to heal humanity.

Thank you for doing business with us. If you need support at any time, please email us at support@consciousmentor.net or click on the "Contact Us" link. Dismiss