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Conscious Mentor was founded in 2013 (originally branded as Shukla Media) by Kimberly Shukla- Brandon and U.S. Marine Sergeant Mark Brandon. With the help of a rapidly growing global team and fueled by Kimberly’s 20 years of experience in online digital marketing, Conscious Mentor creates and publishes digital marketing training programs for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners.

Kimberly Shukla-Brandon has been working in digital marketing for over two decades, and is joined by her partner, retired U.S. Marine Sergeant, investor, and global businessman. Together they are the owners and operators of several online businesses, and use the insights they gain from these businesses to produce their trainings.

Conscious Mentor is one of North America’s top business growth and conversion marketing companies. We are a Humanity+ company, helping to push humanity forward through empowerment and innovation.

Through our digital platforms, content platforms, and live events, we provide access to transformational education that empowers entrepreneurs to break their boundaries, expand their minds, and unleash their full potential as business leaders.

Conscious Mentor is dedicated to helping businesses transform their day to day operations, and the way they spread their brand message. As a business owner, your focus is on revenue and costs. As Certified Digital Marketers, we are always on the cutting-edge of “What’s Working Now” across all metrics.

Our goal is to minimize your costs while helping to grow your business using only the most effective digital marketing methods, so you can rest easy knowing you are producing a strong ROI at every stage of the game.

Continuous optimization is what makes businesses thrive and impossible to compete with.