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Youtube Live Stream Instant Ranking YouTube

Here's the situation today in 2018.... Everyone is looking towards building their businesses through organic traffic with places like Facebook. Well organic reach Facebook is dead! Facebook no longer cares about helping you build your business for free. No one is seeing your posts in their feeds unless you're paying for advertising. Facebook does not want to give anyone a free ride any longer. It only wants your money. Period. But organic reach is not dead on Youtube and Facebook because Google wants to partner with you. They want your [...]

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Time Mastery Tactics for Superstardom

By Robin Sharma Why be an opening act when you and I both know you're built to be a headliner? If you're there now, beautiful. If you're not, then my encouragement is to start the process today. A year from now you'll be so happy you did. A strong beginning point is to consider this insight: one of the primary assets of genius is time mastery. [Time management is so old-school; the true sport is to master it. Watch someone stuck in a victim mentality and a life of scarcity and you'll [...]

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Grow Effortlessly In 60 Minutes and Unlock Your Hero Potential

Becoming A 60-Minute Student: How To Cultivate The Habits of an Eternal Learner and Unlock Your Greatest Potential By Robin Sharma   The success icons of the world have a unique habit in common: they are avid learners and they make time for it no matter what. Robin Sharma shares why making your personal growth a scheduled daily habit is so key to taking your performance to the next level in this 8-minute video. About The Video Have you ever wondered how to do something epic with your life and unlock [...]

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The Top 10 Things Amazing Leaders Do

How To Become An Amazing Leader By Robin Sharma   Leadership. Love that word. It’s a word I’ve passionately built the past 20 years of my life around- reminding so-called ordinary people that they are called to lead. And create. And contribute. And win. These are strange and gorgeous times. Tons of challenges. Dazzling possibilities. And I viscerally want you to leverage these times to fly. To express your talent. To do your dreams. To make the world better. To help you lead without a title. I’ve distilled 10 of the [...]

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Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies- Which Are You?

Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies: Become an Extraordinary Future Company   There has been a shift in human consciousness that seems to be calling out the Humanity-Minus companies of the world, putting them on notice, and demanding that they be held accountable for their actions against humanity and the planet. More and more companies like Nestle and their practices are being brought to light. Big name media companies like the Huffington Post are publishing exposes designed to inform their audiences and wake up humanity. We’ll get to the list of [...]

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The Hollywood Story Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!

The Hollywood Storytelling Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!   We’re going to talk a little bit about copywriting and how to create gripping stories that people just can’t get enough of. Because those who TELL the stories rule the world. Even if you suck at it, your communication will be way better than it is today. A bad story is better than good information because our brain processes stories differently than it processes information.   When you give someone information, it goes to an area of the brain that [...]

How To Structure a Growth Team For Your Companys Future

How To Structure a Growth Team For Your Company’s Future   Everything we do here at Conscious Mentor centers around this thing called the Customer Value Journey. It is designed to take prospects and customers from a complete cold lead, who knows nothing about us, our brand, or our products and services, and lead them through stages where we build strong relationships of trust, until they eventually become our biggest brand ambassadors.   The overall question we are always asking ourselves as a company at every stage is “How do we [...]

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4 Components of a Well Branded Website

4 Components of a Well Branded Website   Before reading this, I encourage you to read Why Your Company Website Is Hurting Your Sales. If you don’t understand the psychology behind your customer’s buying process, then crafting a well branded website won’t matter. Honestly. If you have read the previous article, then let’s proceed…   Does Your Website Pass The Grunt Test?   If we took your website on a laptop and put it into the hands of a caveman, could that caveman answer 3 questions about your business within 5 [...]

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Why Your Company Website Is Hurting Your Sales

Why Your Company Website Is Hurting Your Sales   The internet is constantly evolving and businesses must learn to evolve as well. Unfortunately, many local and small businesses are stuck in the past…. …. With incredibly outdated websites. Most marketing is a waste of most business’ money, even if it’s done well. Here’s why…. Most people know that they need a new website and they think that’s going to solve their problems and create new sales. So they go to a website designer and give them their new ideas. The designer [...]

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