BOFU Content Is Not Japanese Rice

//BOFU Content Is Not Japanese Rice

BOFU Content Is Not Japanese Rice

BOFU Bottom of Funnel Content Strategy


Finally, we’ve made it to the bottom of funnel content strategy.

This is where we are acquiring customers and they are becoming repeat buyers by making higher dollar purchases from us.

So the question becomes…

How are we going to take people and convert them into higher ticket sales?infographic bofu content



At this stage of the journey there are 5 goals that you can choose from for your content marketing strategy.

  • Lead/ customer nurture
  • Grow retargeting lists
  • Maximize immediate customer value
  • Increase retention
  • Increase buyer frequency

With lead/customer nurture, people are looking to companies to produce educational, inspiring, or entertaining content that keeps them interested in the company and brand.

TOFU content is used at BOFU to lubricate the list and keep people happy. We are looking to give them a stellar experience with our brand. Customer success at every touch point is the ultimate goal.

With growing retargeting lists, we are looking to retarget people who visit our high ticket sales pages, but don’t buy.

What offers can you be making to these customers to increase their customer value?

How can you sell them more stuff?

Things that are relevant to what they just bought.

Things that will help improve their life and solve their problems.


If customer retention is one of your goals, then you may consider creating a support page on your site that shows people how to use the product better, with different articles and video demos. These video demos can be ones you create, or ones sent in by other customers.

Show people how to get an immediate ‘win’ by using your product or service and increase your stick rates.


If your goal is increasing buyer frequency- we want people to buy more frequently, but it’s also important to increase buyer recency.

The more frequent AND more recent a customer is, the more they are worth to you and your company. Keep your brand and products in front of them by using content.


BOFU Content Types

  • Demo/ Free Trial
  • Customer Story/ Testimonials
  • Comparison/ Spec Sheet
  • Webinar/ Events
  • Mini Classes



Create videos to show how customers can use your product in easy steps. How does it work exactly? Even if you sell your product offline, how can you demonstrate your product online?

Customer Stories:

Use the customer stories and testimonials that talk about at least one of the pain points everyone wants to overcome. Let the testimonials do the selling for you. Everyone wants to see someone just like them who has used the product successfully and has overcome the same problems they want to overcome.

Comparison/ Spec Sheets:

Before purchasing more and more consumers are comparing your product and pricing against your competitors. Help them out and save them time by outlining honestly how yours compares to your competition.


At this stage, webinars become less about being educational resources, and more about being a hybrid of education PLUS a pitch.

Mini Classes:

Teach about a single topic and break it up to create a 3 part video class.


BOFU Metrics

  • Number of sales qualified leads
  • Offer conversion rate
  • Promo email open/ click through rates
  • Retargeting list growth
  • Average customer value
  • Retention rate
  • Buyer recency/ frequency

Number of Sales Qualified Leads: These are the customers who are ready a sales rep to call them. They are ready to make a buying decision.

Offer Conversion Rate: This is expressed as a %. The formula to figure it out is: # of purchases (how many people purchased) divided by Sales page visits ( how many people visited the sales  page

Retargeting List Growth: People who visited the higher ticket sales page but didn’t purchase.

Promo Email Opens/ Click Throughs: How many people opened your emails and clicked through to the offer?

Average Customer Value: Initial offer price + (upsell 1 price X upsell conversion rate) + (upsell 2 price X upsell 2 conversion rate) = Average Customer Value (ACV)

Retention Rate:

Step 1: Choose a time period ( January for example)

Step 2: Determine how many customers you had at the end of that period (Ce)

Step 3: Determine how many customers were acquired during that period (Ca)

Step 4: Determine how many customers you had at the start of that period (Cs)

Step 5: Run the formula: (Ce- Ca) / Cs.  Expressed as a %


EX: You had 1,025 customers at the end of January (Ce)

You acquired 50 customers during the month of January (Ca)

You had 1,000 customers at the start of January (Cs)

(1,025-50) / 1,000 = 97.5% January Retention Rate


Buyer Frequency/ Recency: This is expressed over time. The goal is to increase the buyer frequency and have them buying more products, more often.

BOFU Content Plan

What are your BOFU marketing goals?

What are your content types?

What metrics are you going to measure?

What technology do you need to create the content?

What is your content distribution channel(s)?



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