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Time Mastery Tactics for Superstardom

By Robin Sharma Why be an opening act when you and I both know you're built to be a headliner? If you're there now, beautiful. If you're not, then my encouragement is to start the process today. A year from now you'll be so happy you did. A strong beginning point is to consider this insight: one of the primary assets of genius is time mastery. [Time management is so old-school; the true sport is to master it. Watch someone stuck in a victim mentality and a life of scarcity and you'll [...]

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Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies- Which Are You?

Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies: Become an Extraordinary Future Company   There has been a shift in human consciousness that seems to be calling out the Humanity-Minus companies of the world, putting them on notice, and demanding that they be held accountable for their actions against humanity and the planet. More and more companies like Nestle and their practices are being brought to light. Big name media companies like the Huffington Post are publishing exposes designed to inform their audiences and wake up humanity. We’ll get to the list of [...]

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How To Structure a Growth Team For Your Companys Future

How To Structure a Growth Team For Your Company’s Future   Everything we do here at Conscious Mentor centers around this thing called the Customer Value Journey. It is designed to take prospects and customers from a complete cold lead, who knows nothing about us, our brand, or our products and services, and lead them through stages where we build strong relationships of trust, until they eventually become our biggest brand ambassadors.   The overall question we are always asking ourselves as a company at every stage is “How do we [...]

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