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The Hollywood Story Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!

The Hollywood Storytelling Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!   We’re going to talk a little bit about copywriting and how to create gripping stories that people just can’t get enough of. Because those who TELL the stories rule the world. Even if you suck at it, your communication will be way better than it is today. A bad story is better than good information because our brain processes stories differently than it processes information.   When you give someone information, it goes to an area of the brain that [...]

Are You Trying To Marry Your Prospect Too Soon?

We have all done it. You have too. ... .... I mean, let's face it.... nothing is more scintilating than getting that new prospect or lead. And often times we are so excited by it, we try to rush them straight to a sale without taking them first through the stages of the customer value journey. It's the equivalent of proposing marriage the first time you see them. In the eyes of your prospect, you instantly become that creepy "I've got some candy for you little girl" stalker. Don't be THAT [...]

6 simple ways to improve your content

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Content To Make It More Consumable and Engaging   Let’s talk about content for a minute. We’ve already talked about the different stages of content in the marketing funnel. The TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content types. Now, it’s time to talk about something more specific…   Specifically, how to make it more engaging to your audience. Because your content doesn’t just need to be good…… … it needs to be consumable. It needs to pull people through the content so they can get value and [...]

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BOFU Content Is Not Japanese Rice

BOFU Bottom of Funnel Content Strategy   Finally, we’ve made it to the bottom of funnel content strategy. This is where we are acquiring customers and they are becoming repeat buyers by making higher dollar purchases from us. So the question becomes… How are we going to take people and convert them into higher ticket sales?   BOFU GOALS At this stage of the journey there are 5 goals that you can choose from for your content marketing strategy. Lead/ customer nurture Grow retargeting lists Maximize immediate customer value Increase retention [...]

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MOFU Content Strategy That Works

MOFU Content Strategy In an earlier article we covered your TOFU content strategy in-depth. We talked about why content is important to your business. How we use it to not only create awareness for your brand, products, and services, but also to ultimately lower costs and increase revenues. Now we move into the Evaluation stage where we are looking to migrate people into different upsells and product lines. All of this happens after the initial conversion. At this stage our content strategy has to change and we have to develop new [...]

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Content Marketing What and Why Businesses Need It

Content Marketing What and Why Businesses Need It   I used to think the same thing…. … why do I need to put so much effort into content marketing for my business? I mean, as a business owner my primary concern really boils down to 2 things: revenue and costs. Right? Well, yes, but content marketing actually helps to lower your costs of customer acquisition while increasing brand awareness, which in turn leads towards more sales and revenues for your company. So ultimately, we need to be thinking about how to [...]

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Engaging Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects Into Customers

High Converting Lead Magnets: 40% or Higher Conversion Rates Lead magnets are the first introduction a new prospect has with your company online. Absolutely every industry and market should be utilizing them to turn more prospects into customers. Yet, so many businesses either don’t use them at all, or they fail to create lead magnets that hold the prospect’s attention, let alone convince them to take the next step in the buying process. By not utilizing lead magnets to their fullest potential, businesses not only miss a key ingredient in the conversion puzzle, but [...]

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