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Are You Trying To Marry Your Prospect Too Soon?

We have all done it. You have too. ... .... I mean, let's face it.... nothing is more scintilating than getting that new prospect or lead. And often times we are so excited by it, we try to rush them straight to a sale without taking them first through the stages of the customer value journey. It's the equivalent of proposing marriage the first time you see them. In the eyes of your prospect, you instantly become that creepy "I've got some candy for you little girl" stalker. Don't be THAT [...]

7 Reasons Why You Need Automatic Subscriptions

Why Automatic Customers and Subscriptions Are The Lifeline of Business Look around you and you”ll see that we live in a new economy. A subscriptions economy. Subscriptions are taking over the world! The fastest growing companies in the world today, from media (Netflix, Spotify) to e-commerce (Amazon) to SaS (Salesforce, Dropbox) are using subscription models. Recurring revenue models are the new norm. Well known companies like Amazon, Fortune Magazine, and Apple got the jump and started building their subscribers database years ago and leveraged their reach to build an unfair advantage. [...]

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How To Craft A Brilliant Guarantee With Risk Reversal

How To Craft A Brilliant Guarantee With “Risk Reversal Risk Reversal is like a Guarantee, but is far more powerful for your business than you can imagine. Choose a style of guarantee to boost your sales. What Is Risk Reversal? The concept of risk reversal is simple,but it requires YOU the business owner looking to close a sale, to identify the various reasons a potential customer would hesitate to buy. Then you must think of the little things that you can do to overcome those obstacles and objections. Risk Reversal is [...]

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6 Things You Need to Start Selling Online

6 Things You Need to  Sell Anything Online Selling online can be difficult because you are relying solely on text, audio, or video to sell your products or services. These are all very important channels to effectively sell your product, however, the first step to a successful marketing campaign is having the ability to write compelling copy. When you couple this with amazing quality graphics, crystal clear audio and HD quality video, you have a winning combination. With so many businesses coming online, it’s easy to gt lost in the sea [...]

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Why Focusing on ROI Could Be a Big Mistake

Focusing on ROI Could Be Your #1 Mistake The most frequently asked question in marketing is “what’s the ROI?” ROI, or return on investment, is described as “the amount expressed as a percentage, that is earned on a company’s total capital calculated by dividing the total capital into earnings before interest, taxes,or dividends are paid.” Basically ROI is how much you make relative to your investment. Focusing on your ROI becomes tough, especially when you are trying to justify it over time. There is no ROI when you send a survey or [...]

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Customer Support How To Turn Customers Into Raving Fans

Increasing your Customer Support to higher levels is critical for companies who hope to not only survive, but thrive. It’s not enough to simply focus on improving your customer support practices to keep your customers content, you must also have a strategy to turn those same customers into raving fans. In order to accomplish this you need to be focusing on human emotion and the role you play in your customer’s lives. 1. Start Your Customer Support with your internal customer Begin with your employees or collaborators. •  Hire only the best people There [...]

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