Time Mastery Tactics for Superstardom

By Robin Sharma Why be an opening act when you and I both know you're built to be a headliner? If you're there now, beautiful. If you're not, then my encouragement is to start the process today. A year from now you'll be so happy you did. A strong beginning point is to consider this insight: one of the primary assets of genius is time mastery. [Time management is so old-school; the true sport is to master it. Watch someone stuck in a victim mentality and a life of scarcity and you'll [...]

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Grow Effortlessly In 60 Minutes and Unlock Your Hero Potential

Becoming A 60-Minute Student: How To Cultivate The Habits of an Eternal Learner and Unlock Your Greatest Potential By Robin Sharma   The success icons of the world have a unique habit in common: they are avid learners and they make time for it no matter what. Robin Sharma shares why making your personal growth a scheduled daily habit is so key to taking your performance to the next level in this 8-minute video. About The Video Have you ever wondered how to do something epic with your life and unlock [...]

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The Top 10 Things Amazing Leaders Do

How To Become An Amazing Leader By Robin Sharma   Leadership. Love that word. It’s a word I’ve passionately built the past 20 years of my life around- reminding so-called ordinary people that they are called to lead. And create. And contribute. And win. These are strange and gorgeous times. Tons of challenges. Dazzling possibilities. And I viscerally want you to leverage these times to fly. To express your talent. To do your dreams. To make the world better. To help you lead without a title. I’ve distilled 10 of the [...]

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