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Why Does Search engine optimization Take So Long

Why Does Search Engine Optimization Take So Long? Many frustrated business owners approach me with this very question again and again. It is a completely valid question, yet it’s one that is rarely answered to anyone’s satisfaction. Here is a detailed answer of why search engine optimization takes so long. The answer to this time-consuming process is all part of an assurance that your seo dollars are well spent.   Analyzing Your Competition Takes More Time Than You May Think Unless you are selling a product or service that is less than a [...]

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How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working

How Long Does SEO Really Take To Start Working? As the owner of a digital marketing firm I find there is no question I am asked more than “How long will it take to get me ranked #1 for my keywords?” The answer isn’t a simple one. The question itself is misguided and born from an understanding of the way seo once worked, but no longer does. NEW SEO vs OLD SEO Not so long ago the best strategy was to identify those golden keywords that were the most relevant to [...]

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