Why Your Company Website Is Hurting Your Sales

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Why Your Company Website Is Hurting Your Sales

Why Your Company Website Is Hurting Your Sales


The internet is constantly evolving and businesses must learn to evolve as well.

Unfortunately, many local and small businesses are stuck in the past….

…. With incredibly outdated websites.

outdated websites

Most marketing is a waste of most business’ money, even if it’s done well. Here’s why….

Most people know that they need a new website and they think that’s going to solve their problems and create new sales.

So they go to a website designer and give them their new ideas. The designer lays out this beautiful new company website mockup that the business owner is totally in love with.

But the business doesn’t grow. Nobody actually buys anything because of that website.

The reason is because the designer who created the new marketing collateral has a degree in design, but they have never studied copywriting.

They’ve never studied copy that sells.

So the words on that website aren’t selling anything.

Now think about that……

copywriting for conversions


When you buy something on Amazon or anywhere else, you buy because the words convinced you to buy.

Let’s talk about words and how the human brain processes words. When reading, there are two things that the human brain is trying to do….

  1. Survive and thrive
  2. Conserve calories

These 2 ideas conflict with each other.

When you are reading a company website, and you are trying to process the information on that page, there is stuff that will help you to potentially overcome your problems (thrive and survive), and yet, if you have to burn too many calories (get confused) in order to process that information…. The brain shuts down. It starts to stray and daydream.

The average brain spends 30% of its time daydreaming.

So while you’re looking for information that will help you, but the brain can’t process it, the brain says, ‘this isn’t necessary so I’m going to shut you down.’


What this means for your company website is, anything that you share in your marketing collateral that confuses your customers…. It causes them to disengage.

A brief message that has something to do with their survival (pain points) is the only thing that’s going to get their attention.

The clearest messenger wins, not the best candidate.

People are programmed not to buy the best products and services, but the ones they can understand the best.


Your Company Website Is The 8lb Bowling Ball

Every piece of information you share on your company website is like an 8lb bowling ball.

If your content is too confusing about what your product can do for them…. You just handed them another bowling ball.

8lb bowling balls


How many bowling balls can they hold?

During this, they’re really struggling trying to process how you’re going to help them survive.

On a scale of 1 to 10- YOU understand your products and services at about a level 10.

Your customers aren’t there, so you need to simplify your message when you create your marketing collateral.

Typically we simplify it all down to a level 6. But your customer buys between level 1 and 2.

We think our customers and clients understand our world they way we do.

They don’t.


So how can we clarify our message so customers engage?

Story is the most powerful tool. The brain that spends 30% of its time daydreaming, will not daydream if it’s engaged in a story.

The story essentially hijacks the brain.

power of storytelling


But nobody cares about your story. There is absolutely no financial reason to share your story.

We often tell our story because we believe that our customers will empathize and see us as ‘normal’ just like them.

But we are wrong.

Because in every good story, people self-identify as the protagonist. As you start telling your story, their brain says 2 things:

First it says, “You can do that, or overcome that- but I can’t.”

And second, it says, “Wait, I’m a hero in a story. It sounds like you are hero in a story….. and now we are at odds with each other because we can’t both be the hero.”


So the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Is your brand story about you or your customer?

The very first thing that happens in a story is we have a character. And the character has to want something.

So we have to define exactly what it is that our customers can get, and how that thing will help them survive and thrive.confused marketer

And we are all told that creating a customer avatar will solve all of our problems when it comes to knowing our customers and how to sell to them.

But again, we are wrong….. and I’ll tell you why in a few minutes.


So, storytellers include a problem in a story. They include a few problems. This hooks and engages your customer.

Think about Hollywood blockbusters. Think about the last Jason Bourne movie you watched.

What challenge is keeping your customers from getting what they want?

People are struggling with something that they want to overcome.

So when we say, “Are you struggling with this?” and we trigger how they feel…. They become more motivated to buy.

Heroes in stories can’t solve their own problems. Storytellers bring in another character to solve that problem.

We call that character the ‘Guide’. The guide plays a specific, extremely important role in a story. The role of the guide is to help the hero win.

Companies see dramatic increases in revenues when they stop distinguishing themselves as the hero, and they get into distinguishing themselves as the guide.

You are a solutions provider. You exist so that your customers can find their story.


Give Your Customers A Plan

We want to give our customers a plan. Because it’s too much to say, “You can do all these steps”.

When you lay it out and say something like, “It’s actually really simple. 1. You just download the software. 2. You spend about 60 minutes on the phone with one of our coaches. 3. You watch your revenue just come alive….

….. They get it.whats your website marketing plan

Think baby steps.


Then we have to call our customer’s to action quickly within that message. Characters in stories to not engage unless they are challenged to do engage.

Our customers are not going to buy our products unless we challenge them to do so.

When we’re passive about selling, it sends a signal to our customers that we actually don’t believe in our product.

And if we don’t believe in our products, why should our customers believe in them?

Your call to action needs to convey, “Look, you need this. It’s going to grow your business. It’s going to change your life. It’s going to make your life better. You absolutely need it, so place an order.”

That direct call to action on your company website sales message sees customers engage.


There has to be stakes in the story. Something either has to be won or lost or nobody cares. Based on whether or not I engage your product.

And the human brain thinks in terms of images

… so you have to show them in images and/or words that create mental images, what their lives can look like if they engage the product.

We also have to tell them what their lives will look like if they don’t.people visualize in images

“Listen, your business is going to stay stagnant, and you’re going to stay frustrated.”

So, when you take a look at your company website, does it really stack up? Does it engage your ideal customer or cause them to disengage?

Most company websites are so loaded with a page of technical talk about the features of the product or service they are offering, and it confuses their prospects and causes them to disengage.

Most business owners don’t truly understand their customers and what they truly want.

If they did, they wouldn’t be paying for lead generation services. They wouldn’t be spending so much money on fancy company website design.

The greatest number of company websites on the Internet are just wasting money and space because they weren’t designed to convert.

Your website designer has no idea who your ideal customer is. Most business owners don’t know either.

And unfortunately, many content writers claiming to be copywriters don’t understand customer value optimization or your ideal customer’s true desired outcome….

… so how can they craft the best possible brand message that actually converts browsers into buyers?

Are you in business to make money or waste it?

Harsh, I know…..

… But it’s also reality.

Every piece of marketing collateral you produce- including your company website messages, must begin with this….



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