The Hollywood Story Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!

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The Hollywood Story Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!

The Hollywood Storytelling Formula That Sells Products, Brands, and YOU!


We’re going to talk a little bit about copywriting and how to create gripping stories that people just can’t get enough of.

Because those who TELL the stories rule the world.

Even if you suck at it, your communication will be way better than it is today.

A bad story is better than good information because our brain processes stories differently than it processes information.

how storytelling affects the brain


When you give someone information, it goes to an area of the brain that files it away. It’s not always remembered.

When you tell someone a story, it also fires an area of the brain called the insula are which handles recall and inclusion, and it targets the frontal with logic.

When someone tells a story, you find a way to relate to it. Maybe you start thinking about a childhood memory. But somehow as the story is being told, you become part of the story.

One of the biggest parts of a story is the audience itself.


65% of ALL conversations that people have are stories and gossip.

Because it’s drama.


Drama is the glue that holds a story together. It’s the part that makes things exciting and interesting.

If you learn the skill of creating drama, you will have the talent of a storyteller.

Nothing is more interesting than trouble.

Nobody really cares about your feel good stories. They only care about your troubles.

Think about stories you’ve heard about cat rescues. The story escalates and escalates and then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happens. Then the cat is rescued.

people love drama

Before you can tell a story, you have to set the scene. Stephen King says half the story is in setting the scene. And no one does that better than Stephen King.

You need to include the audience in the story. They need to feel as if they are there.

The scene is set by color, season, time, texture, geography, mood, loud/quiet, light/dark, hot/cold, akward, pressure, and mindset.

If you are going to tell a story, think about how you are going to set the scene.


The Storytelling Formula

There are 10 parts that make a good story flow and capture attention. It’s the same formula all Hollywood movies follow.

  1. Establish a Routine: It’s basically the way all stories begin, “Once upon a time there was a sweet princess….”
  2. Inciting Incident: This needs to happen within 1 minute or less of your story starting. Something has to happen that turns the main character’s life upside down. This is the key to all good stories and good drama, because you have to build tension. Conflict sells stories.
  3. Obstacles: There have to be obstacles that have to be overcome. Our hero has to decide or overcome these certain obstacles. He can’t stand it. Then things get worse because in drama, things always get worse.
  4. Villain: There’s a villain introduced. Someone is trying to keep the main character away from his goal, keep him away from overcoming the obstacles. Things get worse.

Love Interest: Love interests are connective because we’ve all felt what we believe to be love.


  1. Side Kick: Or someone who aids the main character on their journey. They have a minor victory and there seems like there’s hope. But then it all falls apart. Tension rises and things become practically impossible.
  2. Tension keeps rising
  3. Climax: The obstacle is overcome finally.
  4. Relief: The villain loses
  5. Lesson Learnt: The hero gets the girl after winning his battle.
  6. Life is better than before: The hero’s life is pretty much back to normal but it’s a little better than it was before he began this journey.

There is no other way to tell a story. And when you think about all of the best movies you have seen, they all follow this format. They all have you sitting on the edge of your chair throughout it all. They all have you hypnotized by the drama. You become part of the story as it plays out.

How can you write stories that follow this format?


How Can You Use These New Storytelling Powers?

  • Develop deeper relationships fast: If you want to get to know someone fast, talk to them in stories.
  • Raise money for your projects: Some people pitch decks to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for projects. And the most important part of it is the story they tell.
  • Bring life to your company: Take a look at Tom’s Shoes. Every time you buy a pair of shoes, they give a pair of shoes to someone else. Tom’s can sell the crappiest shoes in the world for a whole lot of money because they’ve got a story that captivates their audience.
  • Humanize Your Products and Services: Products need stories.
  • Headlines, Salescopy & Scripts: After writing the headline you should tell a story. Once you’ve made a promise to someone with your headline, subheadline, and lead- all you need to do is keep them interested and reading for a while.
  • Makes sales in person

The story you tell that relates to your product or service doesn’t have to be YOUR story. There are true stories all over Youtube, Facebook and the internet. You don’t have to invent a story. Find a good story and integrate it into your copy.

You need a story for everything that you do.


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