Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies- Which Are You?

//Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies- Which Are You?

Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies- Which Are You?

Humanity Plus vs Humanity Minus Companies: Become an Extraordinary Future Company


There has been a shift in human consciousness that seems to be calling out the Humanity-Minus companies of the world, putting them on notice, and demanding that they be held accountable for their actions against humanity and the planet.

More and more companies like Nestle and their practices are being brought to light. Big name media companies like the Huffington Post are publishing exposes designed to inform their audiences and wake up humanity.

We’ll get to the list of Humanity Minus companies shortly….

…. First, let’s talk about you and I for a moment, and what led to this article’s creation.


Like you, I own and run a small business or two. I actually started out in psychology, trying to help people and families become more of who they are… better versions of themselves. More authentic.

As I looked to the internet back in 1998, learning to build a website so I could reach and impact people on a much larger scale, I began leaning more and more towards sales psychology and marketing.

As the world and internet has evolved, everything turned to digital marketing. Businesses who once existed primarily as brick and mortar, were now forced to come online and go digital in order to compete.

And the problem began…..

Unethical companies don’t simply exist in the traditional brick and mortar world. They exist in droves online as well.

While learning different digital marketing strategies to grow my company, I became a victim of so many of these unethical peddlers.

I’m talking about the garbage products online that are marketed as being useful. Marketed as being valued. Marketed by creative sales copy with one goal in mind….

To take your money while they get richer at your expense.


Let’s take JvZoo for example. While it’s simply a marketplace for people to sell their products to the masses, there is quite literally a never-ending supply of ‘local marketing’ courses to be found.

Anyone these days can pay $37-$47 and buy a ‘local business marketing company’ in a box, complete with sales copy, telephone scripts, and other marketing materials. Within each of them is a plan to ‘help’ local business owners by selling them a website theme for $5,000- $15,000 that can actually be purchased online through themeforest for about $50- $100.

Or maybe they are selling you seo services, or a list of other ‘necessary’ digital marketing services.


Because they have been convinced that smaller to medium businesses are the best targets. Because we, as business owners, have no time and/or idea how to build our businesses online. So all these so-called marketing companies and agencies have to do is hit our pain points and charge us extreme fees for their services.

I kid you not.

Many of the marketing companies and agencies that you are working with today- that you are paying out a good chunk of your profits to- have no real idea how to build or market your company.

They simply have a list of outsources to send your business to while they sit back and collect a check.

This was the realization that really created the shift for me.

It was one of the primary reasons I decided to go on and become Certified in several different areas of digital marketing.


As a business owner who wants to make a change in the world, I first had to make the change within myself and my own company.

And so began my mission…

I began my certifications. Then I began rebranding and restructuring my own company.

I began transforming our company into a true Humanity-Plus company.

I then decided to help other business owners transform the way they do business as well- without being screwed over by unethical ‘marketers’ waving a flag they bought for $47 through JVZoo.

It’s time for business owners to band together and learn ‘what’s working now’ in the digital marketing world. And it’s my mission to help you in that area, by providing true value in every training or article I publish.

I intend to help you build your company the right way. The way of sustainability. And help you lower your costs while increasing your profits. That has become my mission.

That is the kind of person I am, and the kind of company I have been building.

So my question to you is, Who do you want to become? As an individual person, and as a company?


The Most Extraordinary People Have Mission-Driven Careers and Companies

The most influential people and companies in the world today do not have a career or a business. They have mission-driven careers and businesses.

Most people follow the herd. They aren’t passionate about what they do. They do it for others. Not for themselves.

So many are told that they have to follow a particular path to succeed…

Study hard at school…..

Go to college/university….

Pass their exams…..

Earn a degree….

Start a business or career….

And then you should be set for life.

Most follow this path.

But this is simply a path to mediocrity.


For most people, their businesses or careers make them miserable. Over 50% of American’s dislike their jobs.

Let’s look at Lawyers in America. Studies show that 50% of lawyers are clinically depressed. Yet, despite this bleak outlook, the coveted Law Degree is something that many still pursue.


Because society tells us that it is the highest paying degree. It demands respect. It’s the mark of true “success”.

But many of us wake up half way through our lives, wondering what happened to our lives.

Somewhere along the line someone forgot to guide us right. Someone should have told us not to look for a ‘career’. Instead we should have been told:

Find a mission.

Find a purpose-driven career or create a purpose-driven business.


Otherwise, we are simply destined to unhappiness and unfulfillment.

We need to be picking careers and businesses that speak to our soul. Ones that make you feel like you’re contributing to a bigger cause and helping push humanity forward.

When you do this, the idea of “work” will never be the same for you.

Instead, you will see “work” as something that gives you meaning, helps you grow, and helps you to contribute.


How do you find your mission?

I learned to ask myself a very specific question. When you can answer this ONE question, it will help you find your mission as well.


What Is Your Vision of Heaven on Earth?

Think back to a time in your life where you experienced absolute bliss. Like true heaven on earth. What were you doing?

If you could experience heaven on earth in your career, what would that be like?

Maybe it would be helping others get access to cleaner water.

Maybe it’s helping others get access to healthier food

Maybe it’s creating a small service that helps the people in your immediate community.


The important part is to focus your efforts towards solving tremendous problems in the world.

Don’t think in terms of “I need a good career” or “I need to be an entrepreneur”

Think instead, of a problem that you as an individual or company are inspired to tackle.

A problem that helps you move one step closer to creating your vision of ‘heaven on earth’.

And then seek to either start a business (or remodel your existing business) to help solve this problem, or join a company that is already working on this problem.

Following this path leads to happiness, meaning, and “success” within life and business.

It helps move you towards becoming a Humanity-Plus company and/or individual.


Starting or Remodeling a Company Is Already Hard

But You Can Minimize the Odds of Failure


Take a look at your current state of business. Did you start the company yourself, or did you buy into a franchise?

Even if you own a franchise that is more of a Humanity-Minus company, there are ways that you can push it towards becoming more Humanity-Plus.

There are things that you can do as an entrepreneur or business owner, that helps humanity as a whole.

Let’s say for example that you decide you want to build an app of some kind that recommends restaurants in your area that serve more organic or healthier meal choices.

Instead of making your mission about creating a successful app, focus on a greater mission like ‘spreading healthier eating habits’.

By doing this you are no longer confined to just one idea. New opportunities open up for you to achieve your mission. You could be building an app. You could be opening a restaurant. You could be writing a cookbook or publishing a healthy eating blog.

The most extraordinary entrepreneurs today are obsessed with a mission.

Like Elon Musk for example. His mission is to make man an interplanetary species.

When you make the ‘mission’ your ultimate goal, you not only become more resilient to failure, but you also open yourself and your company up to many more possibilities to find meaning, fulfillment, and passion in your lives.


Humanity-Plus vs Humanity-Minus Companies


Not all companies are created equal.

There are 2 types of companies in the world: Humanity-Plus companies and Humanity-Minus companies.

Humanity-Plus companies are companies working on solutions and products that push the human race forward.

Humanity-Minus companies are companies that are increasing shareholder value or making a profit BUT with an expensive social or environmental cost.

Some are based solely on artificially created demand. This means products serve no value but are made to seem a necessity due to powerful advertising.

Humanity-Minus companies are companies that mine fossil fuels for energy. It may be necessary now, but it’s definitely not the future.

Humanity-Plus companies, on the other hand, focus their efforts on clean, renewable energy sources, like solar energy. A great example of this is Tesla.


The world has more than enough Humanity-Minus companies…..


The Worse Humanity-Minus Companies


There is a very complex web of private corporations, banks, NGOs, and government acting on their own behalf.

And as this ensues, there is also a rising tide of conscious consumers challenging the status quo.

The first thing you should know is that money is not controlled by elected governments or countries, but by private corporations.

Corporations exist to make profit and exercise control. A glowing example of this is within the banking industry, which are private corporations that profit through charging interest and fees.

Or the pharmaceutical industry that sells whatever people will buy. Not what the human body needs. Trillions are made each year keeping people sick and unhealthy.

Or the agricultural industry that controls the food supply and is poisoning our bodies.

Or in the media that dictates what we should be aware of through their advertising


Corporations pay governments and global NGOs, like the WHO, UN, and the IMF, among others. There are more than 10 NGOs. These NGOs are unelected, often funded and controlled by corporations.

NGOs receive money from governments, funded by our taxes

Countries who receive grant aid from NGOs are forced to take on debt and pay interests to banks

The debt is used to pay private corporations to carry out work approved by NGOs

Countries who cannot pay their debts have to hand over national assets including water, oil, minerals and metals, agricultural production, and land.

The people pay taxes to fund all this

The interest on the monies loaned to governments by the banks (fabricated from nothing) can never be paid back in full.

The interest added to the original debts accumulates with interest being paid on interest

So countries and people are indebted to the banks which are private corporations.


There are only 5 countries which have taken back control of their banks:

  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Sweden

Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” -Baron M.A. Rothschild-


It’s time to shift humanity and choose to work for and build companies who’s profits are not used to deceive and foster fear in an endless cycle of debt and ill health.

The Huffington Post reported on the 12 least ethical companies in the world, which they named as:

#1. Monsanto Co.

#2. Halliburton Company

#3. Chevron Corp

#4. Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold

#5. Philip Morris International Inc

#6. Occidental Petroleum Corporation

#7. Ryanair Holdings plc

#8. Syngenta AG

#9. Grupo Mexico SA de CV

#10. Total SA

#11. Mediaset SpA

#12. Barrick Gold Corporation


Ethical Consumer, places Nestle as the least ethical company of the last 25 years. The Swiss Food Company achieved 15% of their readership’s vote, finishing just slightly worse than Monsanto (14%) and tax avoider Amazon (12%).

Their top 10 least ethical companies were:

  1. Nestle
  2. Monsanto
  3. Amazon
  4. Shell
  5. Tesco
  6. Barclays
  7. Exxon
  8. Wal Mart
  9. Coca Cola
  • Primark

The point of this is to make you aware of the trend within businesses to profit as Humanity Minus companies. Instead of focusing on the worst- let’s find the best and help them grow.

Would you rather build or join a company that markets drinks with high fructose corn syrup as “happiness in a can”?

Or would you rather build or join a company that promotes healthy eating and living?

The world’s smartest people- who are mission oriented- should be starting, restructuring, or joining Humanity-Plus companies.

Is your company Humanity-Plus or Humanity-Minus?

Whether you are starting a company, restructuring an existing one, or joining one, when you align with your mission and make it a priority- you find greater meaning in your life. You stop seeing the day to day operations as “work”. Instead, you allow yourself to create and perform from your heart and passion. You wake up each day feeling alive, and energized, and looking for new ways to help push humanity forwards. Life and business become a true blessing.

Take a look at where you are now. What kind of company are you part of? Does it align with your mission? Does it truly bring value to the world? Is it a Humanity-Plus or Humanity-Minus company? How can you make the shift?


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  1. Erin Reilly March 6, 2018 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    I’ve been working as an underwriter in commercial insurance for 7 years. A Christian concert in 2015, when Matthew Kelly said “insurance is based on fear” that struck home. I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Commercial insurance is a Humanity Minus Company. Would you agree? My mission: I want to help women equality, and the poor and oppressed succeed. I want to help revamp healthcare and education. I have to narrow it down now. I think my main focus is poverty. Thank you for your wonderful article.

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