MOFU Content Strategy That Works

//MOFU Content Strategy That Works

MOFU Content Strategy That Works

MOFU Content Strategy

In an earlier article we covered your TOFU content strategy in-depth.

We talked about why content is important to your business. How we use it to not only create awareness for your brand, products, and services, but also to ultimately lower costs and increase revenues.

Now we move into the Evaluation stage where we are looking to migrate people into different upsells and product lines. All of this happens after the initial conversion.

At this stage our content strategy has to change and we have to develop new types of content for the middle of the funnel, because the relationship has changed.

The prospect has now become a customer.


mofu content is king

Once you have reached a potential customer and they have responded to your call-to-action, it is all for nothing unless you can engage them. Content is Key in the TOFU Stage.. But in MOFU it is KING!!!! It defines who you are as a company and how you project to your customers and competitors. Once you have reached a potential customer and they have responded to your call to action it is all for nothing unless you can engage them.. Let’s watch this short video about content marketing.

MOFU Goals

  • Email list growth
  • Grow retargeting lists
  • Lead growth
  • Initial customer acquisition

Now we need to drive more people into our content and either require them to opt-in to receive it, or make them a low-dollar tripwire offer to cover the cost of our acquisition.

Immediately, after becoming a lead, whenever possible, we are looking to make a low dollar offer to these new leads in order to convert them into customers.

We do this on the thank you page for whatever they opted-in to receive from us.



In order to get leads, we need a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Now, when we say it ‘gives a specific chunk of value’, we aren’t talking about an ebook.

Many marketers think that an ebook is a great lead magnet, and they’re wrong.

An ebook isn’t specific enough.

It doesn’t immediately tell the prospect what they stand to gain by requesting it.

It needs to be ultra-specific….

The ONE traffic strategy that grew our list from zero to 112,345 subscribers… literally overnight.”

That is specific.

It immediately tells the reader what the benefit is.

101 ways to build your business online is not specific.

Your prospect needs ONE idea. ONE concept that they can consume quickly (5 pages or less), and implement immediately to achieve a small victory.

Anything else is simply wasting your time and theirs.

Make your lead magnets ultra-specifc and easily consumable.


MOFU Content Types

  • Educational resource (teaches them something fast)
  • Useful resource (cheat sheets, etc)
  • Software download (that helps them achieve the desired end result)
  • Discount/ Coupon
  • Quiz/ Survey
  • Webinar/ Event

Let’s break this down a little…..

Education resource examples:

  • Case studies
  • White paper
  • Free report
  • Free guide
  • Free ebook

Useful resources (helps to save people time)

  • Cheat sheets
  • Mind maps
  • Swipe files
  • Templates
  • Toolkits
  • Resources lists

The one goal in the MOFU is initial customer acquisition using low dollar trip wire offers. This allows you to ramp up the speed at which you can get results.

This liquidates the cost of traffic.

Using a compelling lead magnet is critical in the middle of the funnel.


MOFU Metrics

Pick a metric that you are aiming for:

  • Number of opt-ins/ squeeze page visits
  • Number of leads/ email list growth
  • Offer conversion rate
  • Retargeting list growth
  • Newsletter open/click through rate

Once you know your goal for this stage of the customer journey, and know what type of content you need, and what metrics you are tracking and measuring, then it’s simply a matter of choosing a traffic source and putting everything together.

At which point, you can move on to creating your content for the BOFU.


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