The Social Success Cycle Are You Guilty of This?

//The Social Success Cycle Are You Guilty of This?

The Social Success Cycle Are You Guilty of This?

The Social Success Cycle- Are You Guilty of This?


Are you guilty of it too?

More marketers are….

… we all start out approaching social media marketing without a strategic game plan…

… because you don’t know any better.

I didn’t know any better when I started out. I mean, most marketers are told they need to have a presence on social media channels in order to increase brand awareness and create sales.

But no one really hands you a strategy to approach social media marketing properly.

Social media properties such as Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most important customer engagement channels for brands today. They can’t be ignored (nor should they) because this is where your customers are hanging out.

I’m going to teach you how to architect both inbound and outbound strategies that will build real relationships and advocate for your brand’s message.

Pay close attention because it’s THAT important.


The Social Success Cycle

There are actually multiple parts to social media.

Most companies are doing 1 or 2, but rarely do we find companies that are doing all 4 of these things well.

  • Social listening
  • Social influencingsocial success cycle
  • Social networking
  • Social selling

Everyone wants to skip right to social selling. This is a huge NO NO!


Social Listening- It all starts with social listening. Monitoring and responding to customers service and reputation management issues on the social web.

There are conversations happening on the web about you, your brand, your company, the major people in your company, and your company needs to be there listening and responding in a timely manner.

Social Influencing- This is establishing authority on the social web, often through the distribution and sharing of valuable content.

Social Networking- Finding and associating with authoritative and influential individuals and brands across the social web.

Social Selling- Generating leads and sales from existing customers and prospects on the social web. Social selling has to be done in conjunction WITH the other 3.


Social Media Marketing Goals At Each Step

Social Listening:

  • Manage your company’s reputation
  • Increase retention
  • Reduce refunds
  • Identify product gaps
  • Identify content gaps

People are out there asking questions that are related to your products, your business, and your content. You need your content team to understand what those gaps are, and fill them.


Social Influencing:

  • Increase engagement
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase offer awareness
  • Grow retargeting lists

This one is pretty self-explantory and it’s achieve through the content that you’re putting out to not only create brand awareness, but to position your company as the authority within the market place.


Social Networking:

  • Earn media mentions
  • Develop strategic partnerships

Find the authority figure who can really help move the needle for you in your business. It’s really about public relations. These kinds of partnerships can double or triple your business.


Social Selling:

  • Generate leads/ grow your email list
  • Initial customer acquisition
  • Cross-sell/ upsell
  • Increase buyer frequency

These 4 sections all work together, but each one has its own purpose in the social success cycle. If you want to be successful, you need to be doing all 4 of these things and you need to be measuring your results.


Which Social Media Channel Is Right For You?

The channels that you are leveraging are really less important than understanding an overall social media strategy for your business.

There are hundreds of channels to leverage. But you need to focus on the question: What is my overall social media strategy?

Then you’re going to go out and find the right channels that make sense for your business.


Engagement vs Seeker Channels

Seeker Channels: People come to these channels seeking specific content. Users consume content on that social channel. These channels are best used for Social Influencing and Social Selling.

They are like social search engines. People use them like search engines looking for specific content. You use them to drive people over to your website to convert them into a lead or sale.

Major Seeker Channels-

  • Youtube
  • Pinterest


Engagement Channels: Users often come to the channel to ENGAGE with others. To have conversations with others. They share short form content on the channel that links back to longer form content.

These channels are best used for Social Listening, Social Influencing, and Social Networking.  The conversations going on here are brand to customer (B2C), Customer to Customer (C2C), and Customer to Prospect (C2P).

Major Engagement Channels-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Then there’s a hybrid between the two: Instagram. It’s both a seeker channel and an engagement channel.


Take a look at your last 10 social media updates. What kind of the 4 is each of the updates? Is there a healthy balance between the 4? How can you balance it out?


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